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HIT, Nadira Husain, Manzil Monde, published by DCV
Galerie Max Hetzler, Raphaela Simon, Paintings and Sculptures 2012–2022, published by Galerie Max Hetzler / Michael Werner Gallery / Hannah Hoffman Gallery, photographed at New Tendency showroom Berlin
wang consulting, hardwear collection
Martin Hossbach, 266, Chenin Blanc 2019, mis en bouteille par Thomas Puéchavy, graphic design by Norman Palm
HITH I T Estd. 2008, carpet, 200 x 200 cm, 2023
INFO, Nile Koetting, Remain Calm, LP and booklet catalogue, album cover design by fertig design, cover photograph by Fabienne Ehrler, music composed by Nozomu Matsumoto
Galerie Michael Werner, Per Kirkeby, Overpaintings, installation views
wang consulting, hardwear collection
Dan Solbach, archive material for book project, Lynnette Widder, Year Zero to Economic Miracle: Hans Schwippert and Sep Ruf in Postwar West German Building Culture, published by gta Verlag

Efremidis Gallery, Oh Sufan, installation views
fertig design, riso-printed matter for fossile experience, an exhibition by Prater Galerie

linguistic.services1970—2018 Interviews with Med Hondo, published by Archive Books
GajekVitamin D, THROT004LP, Throttle Records, 2020, artwork by Paul Barsch
Friedemann Heckel, Konversationen, edited by Galerie Thomas Fischer, published by Edition Taube
WKC chair
Kemmler Foundation, doorhandles by Federico Maddalozzo
GajekVery Light Means Less Control, MTR108LP, Monkeytown Music GmbH, 2021, artwork by Ernst Yohji Jäger
fertig design, riso-printed matter for gegen/archive, an exhibition by Prater Galerie at ACUD Galerie
A Gesture Of, Juleica cap
Galerie Michael Werner, Per Kirkeby, Arm und Kopf XIV, bronze, 22 x 7 x 9 cm, 1985, On the Run, Perspectives on the Cinema of Med Hondo, published by Archive Books

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